Conf Day Sessions

Session Options
An overview of each session is provided below. After looking them over scroll down to the Form where you can select and submit your desired options for each session time frame. Sessions have limited seating so, if you don't see a session listed at a particular time then that session limit has been reached. Be sure to click "Submit" once you have selected your choices from the Form below. Read through all your options first. You will be selecting four out of the five sessions.

Google Explore - Room 35
There will be 4 different versions of this session. Google Explore 1 (GE1) will be a basic skills approach using docs, GE2 will focus on Slides, GE3 will focus on docs & Sheets, and GE4 will focus on Chromebook integration tips. All sessions will provide classroom project based ideas and will provide associated templates/documentation.

Restorative Practices (Classroom circles) - Library
Collaborate with colleagues how to facilitate classroom meetings to build peace and collaborative spirit designed to reduce discipline issues.

Healthy Minds - Room 42
Collaborate with colleagues around ways to be mindful and take better care of ourselves and our students.

Rock Painting - Art Room
Enjoy the many mental health benefits of painting. Your rock or rocks will help build our “Thiells Rocks” Garden.

Reading and ResearchExplore and find a comfortable space for you to work
This is time to read and research something you are passionate about in education. At the end you will have time to submit a 1 minute video using Flipgrid to tell us what you learned about. 
  • What did you read?
  • What is one thing you learned?
  • How can you use that to improve your instruction?