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Mr. Ankler 3rd Grade (Interactive activities for 3rd grade)

Vocabulary (Vocabulary games)

Benchmark Universe  (Interactive E books- Log in required)

Wordle (Create "word clouds") (Guided reading program with interactive books) (Research Database)

Turtle Diary (A variety of grade level vocabulary games)

Flocabulary (Literacy skills for all grades)

Reading Dept

Dav Pilkey Virtual Drawing Classes, Readings and More


Music Website (Information about grade level concerts and has all music to practice)


ESL Interactives (ESL Interactive games)

Fun English Games (ESL games)

ESL Games (Vocabulary ESL games)


Fast Math (Math Program for students) (Website games with multiplication

Count Us In (Games for basic number concepts)

Fraction Beach (Interactive games to help learn basic concepts to fractions)

Illuminations (Interactive math lessons)

Interactive Math (Interactive site for learning math) (Math site with different math games) (Math site with different math games) (Math site with many different games)

Measurement (Math website to help learn about measurement)

Prodigy (Interactive math games, login needed)

Zearn (Math games for grades K-5)

Social Studies

Interactive Continents (Learn about the continents)

Interactive Maps (Learn about maps and how to read a map)

U.S Government Games (Government Games) (Online magazines with rld topics for kids)


A-Z Animals (Online, animal encyclopedia)

Kids National Geographic  (Online magazines explore people, places, and animals around the world)

Switch Zoo (Learn interesting facts about different animals and their habitats)

Climate Kids (Learn about climate, weather and technology)

Nutrition (Play games while learning about nutrition and health)

Interactive Plants (Learn about the life cycle of a plant)

Kids Astronomy (Learn about the solar system)

Computer Lab (Games for different grade levels)

Learning to Type (Practice typing lessons) (Games with PBS characters) (Educational games for beginners)

Text Type 2 (Learning the home row and how to type)

Brain Pop Jr. (Educational movies, lessons, and quizzes in Science, Social Studies and Math)

Typing Club (Typing Lessons)

Dance Mat Typing (Typing Lessons)

 educational games)